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Find Information here on Warranties, Shipping, Company Policies, Etc.


Mission Statement:

Venture Airsoft will endeavor to provide high quality service to its customers throughout Canada. We pledge to deal in an honest and helpful manner with all of our customers. Airsoft guns,parts and accessories are more delicate than real gun counterparts and need special care and attention by the user. Despite this, we will try to help with all issues .


1.      Venture Airsoft will warrant any airsoft gun it sells for a period of 45 days from time of sale. It is the responsibility of the owner of the gun to return the item to Venture Airsoft in Nova Scotia, or make other arrangements. Upon inspection of the issue, Venture Airsoft will repair or replace factory defects and pay for the return shipping back to the owner.

2.      If the issue is user related then the owner must pay for repairs/parts and shipping back to owner.Venture Airsoft is happy to do any repairs or upgrades for customers. Service is the backbone of our business

3.      If the issue is related to shipping damage then the owner must inform Venture Airsoft of shipping damage and take appropriate steps to collect insurance. See below for Shipping and Shipping Damage information.

4.      Airsoft parts and accessories are generally not warranted by vendors. However, exceptions can be made so please feel free to contact staff to discuss defective airsoft parts and accessories. Defect rates are generally high in products produced in China and although Venture Airsoft visually inspects all items we ship, we do not generally open packages to inspect items.

5.      Gearbox shells are not included in any warranties. We cannot control the ambient temperature where the gun/gearbox is used so a cracked gearbox is not covered by warranty unless otherwise stated.


Company Policies for Selling of Airsoft related equipment:

1.      Venture Airsoft will only sell Airsoft Guns to persons in Canada over the age of 18 years. Age verification on the website airsoftcanada.com is the best method of becoming a full member of the Canadian Airsoft Community.

2.      Venture Airsoft realizes that not everyone is or will be a member of airsoftcanada.com and will sell to people not affiliated with airsoftcanada.com if they are over 18 years old. Buyers will be asked for proof of age when purchasing/taking delivery of their item.

3.      Airsoft parts and repair services are available to any persons deemed to be safe airsoft community members by the staff of Venture Airsoft. We reserve the right to refuse sales or services to persons we feel are unsafe or detrimental to the airsoft community or the public at large. Airsoft is a sport, like many sports it canít simply be played anywhere.

4.      All guns are imported from the United States and, as such, all come with an orange flash hider.

5.      Pictures on this website are not contractual. They are only provided to give a general representation of what a product will look like.




1.      Shipping is calculated for Canada Post Expedited Parcels on this site. If you wish to use a courier or a higher level of Canada Post service then you may contact sales@ventureairsoft.ca to ensure a prompt delivery by the best method possible.

2.      All parcels sent by Expedited Parcels are insured to the amount of $100. If the buyer needs more insurance then he must contact Venture Airsoft prior to shipping to get a quote on extra insurance. At time of this writing, insurance is an addition $1.15 per $100 coverage. NOTE: Canada Post website states that they will not insure guns. Although we have never had any trouble collecting a claim, this statement should be known to any potential user of their parcel insurance services.

3.      If an item is damaged during shipping it is the responsibility of the owner to inform Venture Airsoft in a timely manner. Canada Post will only deal with the shipper in the case of an insurance claim. The owner must deal through Venture Airsoft until resolution of the claim.

4.      If using Paypal services to pay for an order Venture Airsoft can only ship to the registered Paypal address. If you need your item shipped to a different address then you must use the EMT (now called Interac e-Transfer) method of payment.