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KWA SR10 (2012 2GX Gearbox w/ 9mm bearings)
KWA SR10 (2012 2GX Gearbox w/ 9mm bearings)
(Part #AEG-KWA-SR10)
Manufactured by KWA
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KWA Full Metal KM4 SR10 Airsoft AEG (New Production Run Fall 2013)

The second-generation KWA airsoft rifles feature over 30 structural improvements and performance upgrades, making them the top choice for professionals and serious enthusiasts.

The SR10 is a versatile weapon, easy to maneuver and potent enough to reach your targets from a safe distance. The SR10 features a 425mm inner barrel, 10" free floating rail adapter system, 2GX Gearbox, 2G High Performance Bucking, Quick Detach front and rear sights, flat top receiver, matte finish with individualized serial numbers, 6 position collapsible crane stock with two integrated battery compartments for nun-chuck style 11.1v Li-Mn batteries or 11.1v Li-Poly cell packs.

At the heart of every new KM4/16 series rifle is KWA's Second Generation Extreme (2GX) gearbox, designed to resist cold temperature failures. Structural reinforcement has been engineered into the shell strengthening the overall integrity of the gearbox especially in areas prone to failure. The new 2GX comes standard with six 9mm Spherical Bearings and Heat-Treated Precision Gear Sets offering flawless performance in all conditions.

Accuracy of the new rifles has been greatly enhanced with the introduction of the 2G High Performance Bucking. The new bucking utilizes a set of uniquely designed "Fins" that produce remarkable consistent performance shot after shot. All KWA inner barrels are now manufactured in Japan using the latest machining technology resulting in exceptional quality and increased performance.


Special Features:

  • Adjustable Hop-Up