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SAT Variable Velocity Device Piston
SAT Variable Velocity Device Piston
Manufactured by ACM
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SAT Variable Velocity Device Piston

The Variable Velocity Device (VVD) is a complete piston and piston head assembly which allows you to adjust the velocity of your weapon without having to open the gearbox. The VVD comes packaged with an extendable tool which travels down the barrel of your AEG, through your hop-up and air nozzle to the receiving section of the piston head. Once this has been completed, turning the tool counter clockwise will open ports in the piston head, purposely degrading the air seal between the piston head and cylinder, reducing velocity substantially. In SAT's testing, they were able to bring the velocity of an M140 equipped AEG down from 445 to below 350 FPS, making it a perfect weapon for both CQB and field play, interchangeable with the turn of a wrist.


Compatibility: Any Standard Ver 2 or Ver 3 Gearbox. Not compatible with Next-Gen Marui, or Extended Piston gearboxes.
Package Includes: VVD Piston only

Manufacturer: SAT

  • Adjust your Muzzle Velocity without having to open the Gearbox!
  • Adjustment tool features variable lengths for any inner barrel size (Tool Sold Separately)
  • High Quality Polycarbonate Piston and Aluminum Piston Head